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Drive Belt Rubber Ribbed Poly V Belt

A drive belt, also known as a rubber ribbed poly V belt, is a specific type of power transmission belt used in various applications, including automotive engines, industrial machinery, and appliances. It is designed to transfer power from the engine or motor to various components, such as alternators, water pumps, air conditioning compressors, and power steering pumps.

The drive belt is typically made of a rubber material with multiple ribs on the inner side, which correspond to grooves on the pulleys it is mounted on. These ribs increase the contact surface area between the belt and the pulley, providing better grip and reducing the chances of slippage.

The use of rubber in the construction of the drive belt allows for flexibility and resistance to heat, oil, and other contaminants commonly found in engine compartments. The ribs on the belt are designed to match the grooves on the pulleys precisely, ensuring smooth and efficient power transfer.

One of the advantages of a rubber ribbed poly V belt is its ability to handle high power output while maintaining reliability and durability. The multiple ribs distribute the load evenly across the belt, reducing stress on individual ribs and enhancing overall performance.

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Product Detail

Name: Poly belts
Cover farbic Cotton synthetic fabic
Tension member polyester with specially treated(Kevlar can be substituted)
Rubber CR+EPDM
Length Can be customized
Moq 5000USD
Payment TT,LC,DP
Delivery term: 15-30days
Brand Baopower / Customer brand
Oem Accept

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